Dining in and Ordering [ select menu’s using the check box ]Please order your menus and table booking at least 2 hrs in advance

Vegetable Samosas (2pcs)

$ 3.00

Beef Samosas (2pcs)

$ 3.00

Mandazi (2pcs)

$ 2.50

Kabalagala (2pcs)

Afro pancakes

$ 2.50


Afro bread

$ 2.50

Lumonde/ Viazi Vitamu (3pcs)

Fried sweet potatoes

$ 2.00

Muwogo/ Muhogo (3pcs)

Fried cassava/yuka

$ 2.00


Sauteed yellow plantain

$ 1.75

Zege Omelette

Made with your choice Omelette and fries topped with a layer of cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers.

$ 7.99

Veggie Omelette

A choice of mixed veggies in a Karibu wrap

$ 7.99

Chicken/Beef sandwich

Marinated in Zanzibar herbs and spices served with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber

$ 7.99

Chips and liver

$ 9.99

Veggie Wrap

Made with seasonal ingredients, spinach, carrots, peas, cabbage topped with afro- Mediterranean spicy sauce and veggie samosa

$ 7.99


Afro bread wrapped with a choice of “made to order” Omelette

$ 7.99

Beef wrap

Spiced up Ground Beef engrained chapatti, served mixed vegetables and any sauce choice.

Dining Ordering
$ 7.99

Nkoko/Kuku (Chicken stew)

Charcoal-roasted boned chicken painstakinlgy seasoned and simmered in blended Afro herbs and spices

$ 13.00

Nyama (Beef stew)

Charcoal-grilled boned beef simmered in Karibu sauce

$ 13.00

Ngege/Samaki (Tilapia stew)

Boned fresh water fish lightly marinated with Karibu sauce & simmered. (Be careful with bones)

$ 13.00

Mbuzi (Goat stew)

Charcoal grilled boned goat meat lightly marinated & simmered in Karibu sauce (Depends on market availability)

$ 13.00

Kabaludda/Adimu(Fresh Fruit Platter)

Assorted fresh tropical fruits

$ 4.95

Nanansi (pineapple Custard)

Instant custard cooked in milk and sugar flavored with fresh pineapples

$ 2.00


A dry agar plant cooked in mllk and sugar and flavored with vanila or rose water

$ 3.00

Luwombo (Karibu Fete)

Wood- griled chicken/ beef/ fish or goat meat steamed in a banana leaf with tropical seasonings served with Matooke, Chapati and the Chefs choice of vegetables (Call to order)

$ 24.95

Samaki Choma (Smoked Fish)

Oven grilled whole Tilapia fish glazed with coconut sauce. Served with steamed or Carrot rice

$ 17.50

Nyama choma (Roast Beef)

Boneless beef

$ 9.95

Semutundu/ Samaki (Catfish stew)

Rare fresh water fish simmered in karibu sauce (Depends on market availability)

$ 14.95

Samaki (whole Tilapia fish)

A fisherman’s fresh water catch marinated in Afro seasonings and deep fried

$ 14.95

Bajia (Bean balls 2pcs)

Deep-fried balls of ground red beans mixed with garlic, onion cilantro and karibu seasoning. Served with Coconut-Mango Chutney or Fresh Tomato Chutney

$ 3.25

Kachori (Potato balls- 3 pcs)

Spicy mashed potato mixed with fresh lemon juice and deep fried. Served with Coconut Mango Chutney or Fresh Tomato Chutney. Served with Yogurt base curry of your choice of Chicken or Beef

Dining Ordering
$ 4.75


cow hooves

$ 10.00


(Only Friday-Sunday, 7am-11am)

$ 11.00

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